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A guide To Making Your Own Pillow Cake

his is our latest post for Siamnovella. We are providing a tutorial that will aid readers if they wish to make a unique celebration cake design – a Pillow cake. Pillow cakes are wonderful and eye catching. They appear highly detailed and complexed to construct, when in reality they are actually rather simple in nature. This tutorial guide will describe to readers how to create a square pillow cake which will have curved sides. For readers who would prefer a pillow with straight sides, simply omit where necessary the stages that remove the curves from the cake design.


Books about Baking and Cake Decorating

Hello and welcome to our book review. As more and more people take up baking and cake making in the household, the age old art of cake making and decorating is becoming popular again. To cater for this trend, numerous new books have been written and published to aid would be home bakers in their various quests to make tasty bakery goods. To help us define which books are best for novices, we asked members of the highly trained Cake in a Box team to help us review various book titles in order to recommend a selection to our website visitors.


A Number Cake For Milestone Birthday

Today we are going off our usual kind of topic. We are going to describe how to make a cake. Deciding on what kind of cake to make for a special persons milestone birthday can be difficult. That’s why we have decided to do this tutorial on a shaped number cake with a champagne theme. This style of cake can be made for various birthdays such as an 18th,21st, 40th or even a 50th birthday celebration.


Review of Architecture: Form, Space, and Order

Welcome to our latest book review.  Today, architecture is the theme, with Francis D. K. Ching’s book  ”Architecture: Form, Space, and Order”. The review was kindly provided by Stephen Miles Architects (SMA) of Glasgow. Further information and analysis can be gained from them by finding them online via the keyword Glasgow architect.




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