Academic Scholarships for International Students in Thailand

It’s not everyone who manages to comfortably meet the huge fees paid at the many international schools in Thailand. For a few parents, Thailand Scholarships for international students always come to their rescue, offsetting a bigger portion of their funds. But not every single parent is aware of the existence of this noble gesture or has even applied for it.

Scholarships are somewhat puzzling to understand

The entire process of determined genuine Thailand scholarships for international students isn’t that easy. First, the many fictitious programs and scammers looking to exploit the naïve and rob them off their cash make it hard to tell which program is legit. On top of that, any form of financial aid or grant offered almost always attracts hordes of applications.

Regardless of the many hurdles and bottlenecks, however, high school scholarships, just like fellowships and grants, for international students in Thailand, are available. Others offer often are open to bachelors and masters’ pursuing international students as well. But generally, it is the institution that gives the scholarship to the bright students within the institution.

Inquire the school if they have a scholarship for international students

Since the schools offer most of these scholarships, it is normal for them to tailor the offer to a particular course or all the subjects offered at the school. Furthermore, the award can either come as a waiver of a portion of the total school fees owed (partial funding) or just the entire amount.

Lastly, the amount is usually given to continuing students who have exhibited that they deserve the scholarship. That essentially means that not every kid is automatically eligible to win the scholarship, even though most of them are open to students of all nationalities.

It is important to mention that just about all the popular scholarships are only partial funding with some others only being tuition fees. On how to apply and the deadlines, it is often recommended that you visit the specific school and inquire or even get an application form. That’s because not every school gives scholarships to students.

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