Books about Baking and Cake Decorating

Hello and welcome to our book review. As more and more people take up baking and cake making in the household, the age old art of cake making and decorating is becoming popular again. To cater for this trend, numerous new books have been written and published to aid would be home bakers in their various quests to make tasty bakery goods. To help us define which books are best for novices, we asked members of the highly trained Cake in a Box team to help us review various book titles in order to recommend a selection to our website visitors. Cake in a Box is a professional bakery and specialist cake maker business. If you would like to check their credentials then please feel free to visit any on-line search engjne of your choice and search cakes Glasgow. Their website will provide an idea of the level of skill they possess.

Review 1 – “The Contemporary Cake Decorating Bible: Creative Techniques, Fresh Inspiration, Stylish Designs” (by Lindy Smith)

The Books illustrations are good and easy on the eye with excellent layout. For each area of cake decorating there are easy to follow steps provided for the reader. The book touches on the early beginnings of cake decorating as well the the more expert type techniques, thus giving a broad spectrum of information. The author outlines some innovative cakes designs and new intuitive techniques as well as interesting recipes for the reader to use and adapt.

All in all this book should be considered as one of the most comprehensive sugar-craft books on the market. It provide a vast amount of information regarding all types of cakes and cookies and covers so many techniques in an easy to read, user-friendly way. The cake designs can be considered unique and modern by today\’s standards and the information provided could help all cake makers from beginners to seasoned campaigners.

Think you would benefit from a video tutorial? Then watch this helpful video with contains some valuable cake decorating techniques:

Review 2 – “The Cake Decorating Bible: Simple steps to creating beautiful cupcakes, biscuits, birthday cakes and more” (by Juliet Sear).

This book is one of the newest on the market and is aimed directly at the novice at the home baker. The book can be viewed as a definitive guide to making all types of cakes, cupcakes and cookies to a very high standard. As well as providing elementary information it also describes and illustrates many techniques that are at the forefront of cake design creation. The author touches on all the basic principles of cake decoration including making royal icing and sugar models, to food colouring and cake dyes to decorate cupcakes, to gaining the skills needed to construct multiple tiered wedding cakes. The information for readers is vast with all the essential reading  provided to become a very talented cake maker with enough practice.

Book Remarks

Both books live up very much to their titles. For anyone looking to branch out into the home baking arena then either book would be good reading material and a valuable reference points. They can be purchased online form any credible book retailer. Feed back regarding this review is always welcome. If you require any further information then please get in contact with us via the necessary channels.