Hotels near Bumrungrad International Hospital

If you are a lover of medical tourism or you are just out to find affordable, very cost-efficient and high-quality medical service, then you must have heard about Bumrungrad International Hospital. It has garnered a widespread fame as one of the largest private hospitals in Southeast Asia. 

The hospital was founded in 1980 and is a Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospital. It’s a multi-specialty hospital that takes care of just about any medical condition from skin care to surgeries. With over 30 specialty centers and a total of 580 beds, Bumrungrad International Hospital remains the top choice hospital for people on medical tourism to Bangkok, Thailand. 

Most tourists on medical tourism face a peculiar problem when visiting hotels near Bumrungrad hospital and that is accommodation. How to find good hotels with affordable rates and in close proximity to the hospital is one question on the minds of many medical tourists. If you are also concerned about these issues, you can rest assured knowing that Bumrungrad International Hospital is surrounded by several top hotels in the whole of Thailand, so you are not short of options. Most importantly, the hospital recommends several hotels which they consider world-class and fitting for patients who are visiting their hospital.

Bumrungrad International being a world-class hospital serves over 1 million patients every year, and over 520,000 of these patients are international patients. Considering the caliber of people who visit the hospital, any hotel recommended by Bumrungrad Hospital must live up to expectations. Lohas Residences is one of the hotels near Bumrungrad Hospital for our exquisite hospitality and the promise of vitality we offer patients who are looking for hotels near Bumrungrad Hospital that are great to recuperate at. If you are planning to try medical tourism and Bumrungrad hospital is your preferred choice, be sure to make an appointment and proceed to book a room at Lohas, we would be delighted to serve you!