A Number Cake For Milestone Birthday

Today we are going off our usual kind of topic. We are going to describe how to make a cake. Deciding on what kind of cake to make for a special persons milestone birthday can be difficult. That’s why we have decided to do this tutorial on a shaped number cake with a champagne theme. This style of cake can be made for various birthdays such as an 18th,21st, 40th or even a 50th birthday celebration. If the cake is for an older family member or friend then you may want to have flowers or an edible image as a decoration rather than a champagne bottle.

Below you will find the instruction on how to make a number 21 cake with a champagne theme; we hope you find it informative and easy to follow. This tutorial will be describing a 21 shaped cake.


1. The first stage is to bake two cakes in two separate number shaped cake tins. Allow the cakes to cool and then carefully take the cakes out of their tins and place on a clean dry surface. Prepare your butter-cream and jam.

2. Use your large cutting knife to slice through the middle of each cake. Use your large palette knife to apply an even amount of jam through the middle of the cakes.

3. Place your cake drum beside the cakes then carefully place each cake on to the cake drum alongside each other. Once the cake is placed on the cake drum and you are happy with the position of the cakes start to apply the butter-cream all over each cake until you achieve a smooth even finish on both.

4. Put the cake in the fridge for 30-40 minutes to allow the butter-cream to set and therefore will make the next stage easier which is to apply the sugar-paste. Once the butter-cream is set take the cake out the fridge.

5. Open the box of white sugar-paste. Knead two separate medium sized pieces of sugar-paste until pliable. Spread a handful of icing sugar on a clean dry surface.

6. Use the rolling pin to roll out both pieces of sugar-paste, once both even and smooth apply to each cake separately.

7. Use your hands to tuck in the corners and edges of the shapes, use the small cutting knife to cut away the remaining sugar-paste.

8. Make your royal icing and then place into the large confectionery icing bag with the star shaped piping head. Apply the icing around the edges of the cake creating small shell like shapes by moving your hand in the one direction. Once you have completed this step allow the icing to set.

Need some inspiration or guide and this point? Well watch this video and you might get some:

If you still feel you need some help or assistance with one aspects of the cake making process, then you can contact the Cake in a Box Bakery, who helpfully provided much of the process contained in the post. Simply visit their website for contact information, it can be found online by doing a search for birthday cakes London. If you can not find it then please contact us via our contact form and we will supply the proper contact details for them.

9. Roll out the coloured icing of your choice until thin and even.

10. Apply pressure on the star stamper and make enough stars to place on each shell. Take some more royal icing and place in a small confectionery bag and set aside.

11. Mix the coloured paste through the remaining royal icing and then place in a small icing bag. Use this icing bag to write a personal message on the cakes.

12. Knead a small amount of green sugar-paste and mould into the shape of a champagne bottle.

13. Place the champagne bottle on the second cake.

14. Use the small white confectionery bag you made to create the effect of champagne spilling out the top of the bottle.

15. And lastly, finish off the cake with some edible sparkles in your colour of choice.

This cake is the perfect party cake to celebrate any milestone birthday. We hope you enjoy making it as much as we did. Please provide any feedback you feel is necessary, good or critical we welcome it all to try and improve.