Six basic tips for choosing an international school in Bangkok Thailand

Many upper-class Thai families and expats prefer sending their children to international schools to the public or private Thai schools. International schools follow a curriculum similar to that taught in many western schools and stick to the international standards of education.
Choosing an international school in Bangkok can be a daunting task considering that there are hundreds of them in operation. This article highlights six basic tips that you should consider while enrolling your child in an international school in Bangkok.  
Tip 1. Curriculum
A number of different curricula are taught in various international schools in Bangkok.some follow the American program while others teach British curriculum. A few others will apply Australian, French, Japanese, or German curriculum. As a parent, you need to choose a curriculum that can be portable if your children move to another country or school.
Tip 2. Teaching staff
Most people prefer international schools, which are to hire teachers who are native English speakers. Native English speakers are well experienced in teaching the western curriculum that is in English. The teaching staff should be well trained and qualified and have considerable experience in teaching.
Tip 3. Teacher/pupil ratio
This is an important consideration while choosing an international school for your child. It is advisable to go to schools with small class size, as this will ensure that your child receives more attention from the teachers as well as other supporting staff 
Tip 4. Past achievements
It is imperative for you to inquire how the school has performed in the past. This will help you to make an informed decision as to whether to enroll your child in that particular school
Tip 5. Accreditation
As a parent, perform due diligence to ascertain that the international school you have selected for your child complies with all the international standards in matters of quality education, fee structure, safety and hiring of staff.
Tip 6. Extracurricular activities
Get to know of the outdoor activities available in school. These could include athletics, swimming, sailing, debates, and such like activities that will enable your child to develop wholesomely
A point to note is that international schools in Bangkok will charge a higher fee than public or private Thai schools. This essentially implies that they will provide better facilities and highly qualified staff who will prepare your child for their future academic life
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