Surging ahead at an International school Bangkok

International schools have grown tremendously in the past twenty years. Originally they started so that diplomats in the country and expats could get “western” education. But today, international schools have a new purpose. An international school Bangkok, such as the American School of Bangkok is educating children for top spots in western universities and colleges throughout the world – eventually to hold top positions in multinational companies of the world.

Across the world, highly educated teachers from countries like USA, UK and Australia are being offered to teach positions at international schools to teach the children; most of the world wants to be grounded in English. If you look at international schools around the world, it is not hard to see their appeal.

American School of Bangkok (ASB) offers pre-kindergarten education right through to Grade 12, and for over 30 years, the education received here puts students in line for acceptance into universities such as Harvard University, Pennsylvania State University, University of Columbia, University of Tokyo, to name a few. ASB follows the Advanced Placement program since 1983 when it was founded. A stimulating academic career within a happy family-type environment encourages students to achieve their highest potential. 

The curriculum is demanding, but at the same time, it challenges the students to achieve intellectually, physically, emotionally and creatively. ASB has what is called the “AP Capstone”. This is a research program that gives students the opportunity to earn college or university credits whilst they are still studying at ASB.  ASB high school students can enroll in the Advanced Placement program. While on the program, they undergo rigorous rounds of academic assessments, enabling them to already reach the equivalent of a university level through AP exams.  Also on offer, there is the College Board “Springboard Program”. It’s for the middle-years curriculum, already challenging students to excel academically, to build independence and outstanding learning skills.
Don’t delay, get your child into a school like The American School of Bangkok – he or she will literally have the world at their feet.