Tips For Finding A “Family Friendly” International School Teaching Job In Thailand

Each country has its own set of rules especially when it comes to getting work visas. For some countries, it could be something as simple as age, while others have restrictions based on qualifications or some nationalities. Thailand has some of the lenient rules when it comes to obtaining work visas. So, if you are interested in getting a job as an international school teacher in Thailand, go for it.  However, it is important for you to do a thorough research on the international school you will be teaching. Some schools claim to be international schools while in the real sense, they are not.   Read reviews written by teachers who have previously worked in the said schools. Granted, some of the reviews may not be authentic as some teachers may be biased due to grudges.

As a parent moving to a new country with a young family is a daring step. However, these tips here will help you settle for a good teaching position in an international school that is family friendly.


Does the school you intend to go teach provide housing?  Choose an international school that provides housing to cut down your expenses.  Check to confirm whether the housing offered is within the school campus as sometimes, you may be assigned night duties especially if the school has a boarding section.

Health insurance

Ensure your dependents are adequately covered by your health insurance and that you will not need to pay out of your pocket. Some schools fail to disclose the finer details only for you to learn it later.

Your children’s schooling

Do your homework and confirm that the school covers your children’s tuition. Check whether there are any other extra costs apart from the school fees such as exam fees or extra-curricular fees.


Since you are moving with your entire family, you will need to take with you some of your prized possessions to help both you and the children settle well.  Check the shipping costs visa-vis your budget. Will you be able to ship your stuff back home after the contract?

Many international schools prefer hiring teachers with families as they tend to have longer work contracts. But before you make that move, do your homework well.

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