What sets International schools apart from their national counterparts?

This article would offer you information about the differences between International and National (Mainstream) schooling.

The information is expected to help you make an informed choice about the school to choose for your child.

•    Method of Teaching and Learning
International schools implement more of experiments and inquiry in their manner of Teaching. Although a lot would still be taught in the classroom, the child is expected to as Questions and come to a conclusion based on their reasoning.
Mainstream schools focus on textbooks and follow methods of teaching that have become almost obsolete. This method still works, but it might not for much longer.
In summary, international Schools teach students to be creative thinkers, while mainstream or national school teach their students to memorize.

•    Cost
International schools are usually more expensive than national schools.
This is mainly because International schools offer a lot of extra activities in addition to going to class. There are overseas trips, student experiments, and other extracurricular activities.
Some national schools offer these too.

Most International schools have English as their official language, while the language of the country where the school is built is taught as the second language.
Unlike national schools, the focus is not placed on grammatical errors and spelling. Instead, the students are allowed to learn the language as naturally as possible.
Using the creative thinking method, students in International schools can better understand the language instead of mastering a set of rules.
National schools often test their students on the use of grammar, which takes up a whole lot of their total test score.

•    Community
International schools often have a higher percentage of students from different backgrounds and nationalities than national schools.
Most expatriates send their children to international Schools instead of national schools.

Top International schools in Thailand and other areas are a great place to look at if your child needs a school. Although the differences highlighted here puts International schools in a more positive light, it does not mean that national schools are nothing to write home about.

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